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Women Leaders In ISOPREP: MEET Gaye Kanaltı Baş

Wed, 02 March, 2022

In the ISOPREP project, Gaye is working on the determination of the physical, chemical, and functional characteristics of various polypropylene (PP) materials. Ensuring that the virgin-like PP obtained from the environmentally friendly ISOPREP process could be used in diversified applications, she is leading the compounding studies integrating unique features such as flame resistance, UV resistance and impact resistance to ISOPREP PP.

Gaye Kanaltı Baş graduated from Izmir Institute of Technology with degrees in Chemical Engineering BSc and MSc and currently is undertaking a Master in Business Administration from Istanbul University.

During her Master’s program in Chemical Engineering, she worked on the synthesis, characterization and evaluation of different polymeric materials, i.e., metal organic frameworks to be used as adsorbent for the purification of hydrogen gas from methane reformer off-gas. Followed completion of Master’s degree, Gaye worked in the automotive industry to pursue new solutions, technologies and systems that create a route map for the future. Throughout her profession, starting as a R&D Engineer and later as a R&D Manager for OEM supplier companies, she has been involved in research and development studies on novel engineered materials, constructions, processes, and systems driven by global OEMs, such as VW Group (Germany, China, and Mexico), Daimler, Renault, Ford, Scania, FCA and Volvo.

She has experience on processes such as extrusion of monolayer and multilayer (hybrid) constructions embodied in elastomers, engineered thermoplastics and thermoplastic elastomers, injection molding and rotational molding, wet filament winding as well as post-processes such as vulcanization, thermoforming, welding, and assembly.