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Plastics Recycling and Sustainability at TWI Ltd

Mon, 11 July, 2022

TWI Ltd, the coordinator of the ISOPREP project, is contributing to the development and mechanisation of novel solvent-based recycling processes. The ISOPREP pilot-scale plant will commence operation in 2022 and will be capable of processing one tonne of end-of-life polyolefin plastic waste per day, producing virgin-like polymer at high yield. The advantage of the ISOPREP process is its ability to remove pigments, additives and colorants to upcycle polymers such as polypropylene to virgin-like quality for re-use across a wide range of products.

TWI Ltd, with over 75 years in engineering consultancy is dedicated in closing the gap in polymer recycling and reuse through the efforts of its Plastics Recycling and Sustainability technology theme. TWI experts are leading a number of innovative projects offering solutions for recycling, sustainability and the transition towards circular economy, as activities include:

  • Life cycle management of plastics
  • Design of new recyclable materials (circularity by design)
  • Know-how on thermoplastic and multi-material recycling
  • Recycling trials and evaluation of the quality of recycled material

To learn more about the ISOPREP project, and how TWI may be able to support your transition towards the sustainable use of plastics please contact

TWI’s Plastic Recycling and Sustainability Theme members (From left to Right): Dr George V. Theodosopoulos, Dr Alan Taylor, Dr Chris Lovell, Dr Amir Khamsehnezhad and Dr Ana Antelava


This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. Grant agreement 820787