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CeNTI produces 100% recycled ISOPREP PP textile fibres

Thu, 24 March, 2022

CeNTI is committed to contribute to the change from the current linear economy model to a circular economy model, promoting the reduction of the demand on finite raw materials minimising negative externalities. CeNTI’s goal is to promote and support innovation and sustainable technology transfer along the value chain of different industry sectors by developing and validating disruptive technologies based on new functional materials, new smart systems and interactive technologies for multi-sectorial areas.

ISOPREP project offers an innovative approach for a sustainable, solvent-based and cost-effective closed-loop recycling process for Polypropylene (PP) carpet piles. The ISOPREP process allows the reduction of carbon emissions and dependency on fossil-based resources. The properties of the virgin quality recycled PP resulting from the process were evaluated and compared with fossil-based alternatives.

Utilising recycled PP obtained from ISOPREP chemical recycling plant, CeNTI successfully produced textile fibres with recycled content up to 100%. The obtained fibres fulfilled the minimum requirements of weaving processes in terms of tenacity and elongation at break.