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Mechanical recycling at ROTAJET is now operational

Wed, 13 October, 2021

Over the past few months Rotajet Systems have been testing and refining the mechanical separation stage of the ISOprep trial plant. With each standalone machine now combined into a full processing system including the following stages:

  • Infeed conveying of raw material
  • Shredding with dust protection
  • Screw Conveying of Fibres
  • Granulating with dust protection
  • Screw Conveying
  • Density Separation
  • Screw Press de-watering
  • Batch thermal drying

During the trial process needed to provide raw material for further staged processing we have been optimising the setup of machinery to provide the ideal balance between throughput and separation standards. This includes, but is not limited to, altering tolerances, conveyor speeds, rotor drive speeds and screen sizes.

This optimisation, typical with all large systems of this type, has given us a deep understanding of how this specific material is affected by the setup of our machinery. This has allowed us to successfully finalise all machine parameters as well as understanding how the machine would be operated in a commercial setting.

We have completed several production runs in order to provide raw materials to the consortium partners so they can move forward with testing as well as the optimisation of the chemical recycling process.