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Axion support ISOPREP on pre-sorting and waste management

Wed, 16 March, 2022

Axion are on a mission to protect finite resources and reduce landfill by developing and supporting circular economy initiatives that provide a viable alternative to the ‘take, make, dispose’ model.

The goal of the company is a future where products stay in use for as long as possible and where resource recovery and re-use become the default options. This aligns perfectly with the aims of the ISOPREP project, which is to create a closed loop system for the carpet industry.

Axion run an advanced sorting and reprocessing plant, selling both the products and by-products of the process, and share their engineering and business expertise through a range of consultancy and practical support services. This knowledge transferred very well to the ISOPREP project, in which Axion is assisting with both the pre-sorting technology and waste management, with the aim of maximising both the quality and quantity of recovered materials.

Axion’s mission statement is ‘working towards a world where nothing goes to waste’, making the ISOPREP project, which seeks to develop a novel recycling technology for end of life carpet within the circular economy, a perfect opportunity.